Best Hockey Players of All Time

Few sports have a history as rich as the history of hockey. And what history would there be if not for the people who devoted their lives to the game? So many memorable matches, extraordinary achievements, unbelievable results. The game has a lot of honorable players to thank. Although we each have a personal preference when it comes to teams and players, there are some outstanding talents everyone of us can appreciate. Let’s remember some of the most legendary hockey players and their career achievements.

Alexander Ovechkin

He’s only thirty-six years old, and he already reserved a spot among the hockey legends. He debuted in the NHL back in 2005 as a part of the Washington Capitals. He quickly made it clear that he’s not fooling around and is in it for the win. He brought his team multiple goals, and was awarded the Maurice Richard trophy for scoring the most goals on four occasions. He received the last one just last year. He got his first Hart Memorial trophy for being the most valuable NHL player back in 2008. He then got two more of these. And although it took a while, he finally won the Stanley Cup in 2018. It’s needless to say that all of these are well-deserved. Ovechkin never fails to put on a show and meet his competition with dignity. Millions of his devoted fans are grateful for the commitment he has to the game.

Mario Lemieux

Anyone who knows anything about hockey heard this name. He played for the Pittsburgh Penguins for 17 years and made a lot of “first” and “best” lists throughout his career. Before he retired in 2006 he scored impressive 690 goals for his team. He is not only a holder of two Stanley Cups, but also countless records. No one yet got as many points in one game, no one ever scored five goals in five different ways in one game, no one got as many power-play points in a single season. And this is not even a half of his achievements. He now owns the Penguins and already got two more Stanley Cups as an owner.

Terry Sawchuk

Sawchuk is considered the best goalie in the history of the NHL by millions of adoring fans. He had a fascinating 21 years long career during which he won four Stanley Cups. He held a record for the most shutouts up until 2009, when the record went over 103. Terry’s career, however marvelous, is also a tragic one. He received over 400 stitches over the injuries he has been getting throughout his career. He suffered from severe depression and alcoholism, and died at the age of 40 after a drunken fight with a teammate. Leaving millions of people heartbroken, he reserved himself a spot in their memory.

Wayne Gretzky

Also known as The Great One, Wayne broke a few records of his own. During his career he scored a total of 894 goals. He’s one of the few who received not one, but four Stanley Cups. One thing that stands out about his achievements is the fact that he has been named the NHL’s most valuable player 9 times. He has been receiving the title seven years in a row from 1980 till 1987, and then again in 1989. In 1988, he left the Edmonton Oilers for the Los Angeles Kings. This transfer played a great role in the popularization of hockey in the United States.

Each of these players has made a significant impact on the development of the game and the industry. While some are still actively playing and some are no longer with us, they deserve all the respect they get from the hockey fans.


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