Health Benefits of Hockey

Hockey has been a favorite sport of millions for decades. The hockey leagues have a rich history made by extraordinary players. It’s a fascinating game to watch, and it’s even more fun to play. However, this is not where the list of the game’s pros ends. Above all else, playing hockey is extremely beneficial for your health. In this article, you can learn the details of multiple positive ways this sport can impact your body.


Let’s start with the obvious. Hockey is a powerful cardio workout. You’re always on the move, and you have to be fast. If you’re after losing some body fat, hockey should definitely be considered as a method. Apart from losing weight, another more fundamental benefit of cardio activity is the strengthening of the cardiovascular system. Skating on ice has your heart pumping in just the right ways. The game even ensures breaks in activity your body needs during any workout. There’s no need to skate every passing second of the match. This saves you from overworking yourself. So does the fact that any match ends some time. You won’t be able to skate yourself to exhaustion, which is something many of us tend to do when getting into sports.

Balance and coordination

This is the first thing playing hockey affects from the first second you step on the ice. You’re standing on a slippery rink on a few inches of thin blades. Your balance is about to improve drastically. Moreover, things in hockey happen pretty fast. In order to play well, you have to learn to skate fast, follow the puck with your eyes, and hit the puck in the direction you need. You have to react fast, and you have to be precise in your movements. So, the game improves your balance and the coordination between your eyes and hands like nothing else.


Skating on an ice rink and scoring goals requires a lot of energy and strength. You need strong legs that will balance your body on the blades and allow you to skate fast. You need a strong back in order to keep balance and composure while quickly reacting to the game. You need strong arms in order to be able to hit the puck exactly as hard as you need. Practicing hockey strengthens muscles in your whole body. This not only makes you look good, it also decreases the risk of injury and overall improves your well-being. In a way, it makes your whole life better.


Hockey is beneficial for your mental health as well. Any physical activity releases endorphins in our body, which are crucial to our mental state. Moreover, hockey helps you build up the endurance it takes to achieve the results you want. The game requires a lot of different skills and the ability to use them simultaneously. It takes a while to master your technique, and it takes character. The games teaches you consistency and persistence that will serve you well beyond the ice rink. Once you learn how to skate and hit in all the right ways, you will discover that you need a strategy. Strategic thinking is a big part of the game, and is one of the most fascinating processes. You have to think and react fast.

Hockey is a beautiful game that requires thorough thinking, consistent practice, and determination. If you’ve never considered playing it, you should definitely give it a second thought. Not only will you improve your physical and mental health, but you will also become a part of a community that shares your passion and values. The ice rink is waiting for you.


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