Strongest Hockey Teams of All Time

We all have our favorite team. Use best sportsbook promotions in Michigan to add excitement to watching matches.. Sometimes it’s the team from our hometown, sometimes it’s a few of the people who play for the team. Whatever reasons we have for the devotion we give our favorite teams, they always give us countless reasons to respect and admire the players. However, there are objective factors that determine a strong team. Let’s take a look at some of the toughest hockey teams we ever had the pleasure to witness on the rink.

The Colorado Avalanche of 2000-2001

In the beginning of the 21st century, the already bold Colorado Avalanche had their best season. They showed amazing results long before, but this time they took home the Stanley Cup. Joe Sakic, their captain, was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2012, a little later than 10 years after this win. That year he led his team with 118 scores in a season. The playoffs were challenging because they had to play 7 games. This only made the fact that they came out on top more impressive and deserving of respect.

The Detroit Red Wings of 2001-2002

A year after the Avalanche had their year, the Red Wings got packed with legendary players, coaches, and owners. Literally half of those people are in the Hall of Fame. It’s needless to say their performance held up to the expectations. There were no personal records on the team, but the sync among the teammates made the team one of the strongest. Not only the leaders combined their efforts to score, they had a strong defense that only allowed 187 goals throughout the season.

The Edmonton Oilers of 1984-1985

It’s been a while since the Oilers put on a show, but it makes the season of 1984 even more precious in our memories. They were led by one and only Wayne Gretzky and his 208 points. Apart from this, two of the other players, Kurri and Coffey, scored over 120 points together. Although their previous seasons had some aspects that were better, they had the most goals that year. And, sure enough, they took home the Stanley Cup.

The Montreal Canadiens of 1976-1977

The season of 1976 was a remarkable one for the Canadiens. They scored a total of 132 points throughout the season, and only lost eight games. No team has ever lost less than eight games in a season. Even though Yvan Cournoyer didn’t lead in the playoffs, the team managed to only lose two games in the Stanley Cup finals. Such a strong performance has made the team one of the best in history.

The Boston Bruins of 1971-1972

This was a great year for the Boston Bruins. They appeared on the NHL’s TOP list with 330 scored goals and only 204 allowed goals. These were the best results that year. They owe 133 points of that season to legendary Phil Esposito. They took home the Stanley Cup, and it was probably the best team to come out of Boston.

Teams change almost every year, and new players are constantly appearing on the rinks. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a strong team. There are a lot of personal records being broken, a lot of names being praised in the headlines. Hopefully, it’s not long till we see some good collective action from our favorite players. It’s wonderful to see any sort of achievements from our favorite players, but there’s nothing quite as the synergy between the players on the ice rink. Any team should strive to play as one organism, thinking and acting for one another. It’s nice to see that many were able to achieve this and show us what the true team spirit looks like.


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