What to expect from the 2021-2022 NHL season

The new hockey season started just a little over a month ago. And while the most breathtaking and intense matches are still ahead, we now have a clearer idea of what they will look like. One thing we never know for sure until the very end is who will take the Stanley Cup home. But what’s the fun in knowing every answer?

The last two Stanley Cups were taken by Tampa Bay Lightning players. Ever since the New York Islanders took their fourth Cup in a row in 1983, no one was able to beat the record. Now, there are speculations about whether or not the record has the potential to be repeated. While some are confident that the Tampa Bay Lightning is on a winning streak, many remain skeptical. The majority of hockey fans tend to believe that the team will get to the finals, but will lose in the end. One thing we know for sure is that this team has a lot of people either nervous or excited.

While there are so many players we’ve known and loved for years, there’s a lot of fresh blood coming in at the same time. Picking favorites and predicting winners is only getting harder with each year. There is Mason McTavish who’s already showing impressive results at the tender age of 18. This season is the first one he plays in, and he managed to score in the first match. While it’s difficult to see exactly what kind of results we should expect from him in the future, seeing such skill and ambition gives fans a lot of hope for some legendary wins.


At the same time, Patrice Bergeron is still playing with the Boston Bruins. His game remains strong, although it’s been ten years since he won the Stanley Cup.

The most recent match took place on the 7th of December. The Ottawa Senators had their fifth game of the week on Tuesday. Not only this is an extremely rare schedule, but they also managed to go on a three-day winning streak. The team got the first short-handed goal of the season thanks to their new player Alex Formenton. He is on the list of young players who are expected to change the game in the current season. This Tuesday he scored his fifth goal of the season, which is already impressive enough.

The Senators’ winning streak was broken off by the New York Islanders. Many are disappointed, but can we really blame them? Playing five days in a row is a solid enough reason to stop expecting the team to be their best. Thankfully, the team has a few days off before their next match.

The next two months will be intense considering that there are matches every or every two days. The fate of the teams will be decided during the next couple of months and soon enough we will know who will be playing in the playoffs.

Whatever team you’re rooting for, remember to enjoy the game. Above all else, hockey is a captivating sport. And the beginning of the season is the most exciting time. Imagine how many records will be broken this season, how many new names we will see in the headlines, and how many teams will make their fans happy. It’s difficult to get carried away in the high tension each game brings onto us. A moment later the games you enjoyed are only making you stressed and frustrated. So, let’s watch the games and make our guesses. It’s difficult to say what brings us, the audience, more joy. Being right or being proven wrong. Whatever your goal is, hopefully, you will be happy when the finals come.


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